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studio HINGE office

Type commercial interior
Area 260sq.ft.
Status completed

designed as an open studio with one principal architect and up to five staff, but there will be times when privacy is required. this is achieved through a bespoke sliding screen, allowing for degrees of openness. when fully closed, the screen divides the space into a private cabin and an open office area, with daylight diffusing through translucent polycarbonate panels that make up the screen wall. the grooved and fluted profiles of the timber sections continuing from the partition to the ceiling, and the antique gilded window surround framing the view of marine drive bay lend an old-world delicacy in an otherwise starkly contemporary interior, an anachronism which typifies the studio's work. most furniture is built in exposed edge polished ply clad in white core-coloured laminate. workstations are of a simple design where the profile cut out of one end forms the legs at the other end: an efficient use of material. two chairs- one in 6mm aluminium and the other in 15mm clear acrylic- are a further nod to the studio's interest in detailing and furniture design. raw industrial felt nailed to the wall through simple timber battens above desk height gives pin-up boards over the two long walls. a seamless poured concrete floor in off-white – lends an airiness to what was earlier a very cramped space.