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studio HINGE was founded in 2014 by pravir sethi, and the practice has since designed and executed works of scales ranging from furniture and lighting to interiors and architecture, having completed projects in dubai, pune and mumbai.

the outlook of the studio is firmly contemporary, with acknowledgment of context often providing a nod to the past. the work is detail-and craft-orientated, but often interpreted by cutting edge fabrication techniques. we offer design consultancy services, along with the supervision of execution on site.

good design, to us, is like a clever bit of storytelling. it is contextual, has a narrative, can be witty, moving, or both. it evolves, evokes, revealing new turns at every reading. we believe design should be ubiquitous, should trickle down into the nooks and crannies of daily life, and not just be the preserve of a luxury lifestyle.

we recognize that one size does not fit all and deliver tailored solutions to reflect this, from a township to a door handle. and sometimes, when one size doesn’t even fit one, we build in flexibility. we create things that bend/ fold/ twist/ slide to become other things, new things.

detail is everything to us. we are driven by tactility, surface, texture, joinery, the coming-together- ness of things and the whole-more- than-the- sum-of- its-parts- ness of it all.