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cci library 2.0

Type leisure interior
Area 4500sq.ft.
Status ongoing

Our approach to the design of a new library for the cricket club of india has been largely informed by our research into what a library in the information age must do. In increasingly digital times, as the need to physically access books diminishes, the library should be seen more as a knowledge centre, rather than a traditional house of books. this means activating the space by providing for the exchange of ideas between people through activities such as author readings, book clubs/ discussion groups, workshops etc. Social interaction will give people a reason to visit, and more importantly stay in the library rather than check a book out and leave. Circular mobile shelves can be redeployed as partitions to create semi-enclosed spaces that will facilitate these activities, providing a layout that is flexible and dynamic to suit various future usage patterns. These are located between existing central columns, around which a bookshelves flare out upwards, drawing upon the idea of sitting under a tree with a book.

design team: pravir sethi, chintan zalavadiya